Summer Fun and some not so fun

So since I am so behind on my posting, I lumped a lot of random photos in this post. Hope you enjoy.

Kade showing off his new shirt, he was so excited about all the alligators all over that he insisted on wearing it right away.

I decided to let him just go for the whole painting thing, which he embraced full force. He was so into it that I stepped away for a second to get the dishes done (I know, stupid) and when I came back I found this sweet face smiling at me.

Papa tom, isn't this a great picture? I think so.

Uncle Matt with Levi, aren't they the cutest ever? Both Kade and Levi have a special love for Matt.

Uncle Jason meeting Levi for the first time. He is going to be the best father to his little baby girl who will be here so soon!

I thought I'd better post a picture of Levi's "crib" while he was at Children's hospital. 48 hours in the hospital for a cold . . . who would have thunk. It was quite the experience and it really made me thankful that I have to healthful boys.

Hanging with Levi, his IV took up almost his full arm. We called it "the club" since he could barely hold it up and had no control over it, he kept hitting stuff with it.

The boy's first bath together. In an effort to save water and time, I decided he easiest and fastest ways to get them both clean was to give Levi a dip in Kade's water. Kade loved it and it's hard to tell if it's a smile or wine in the photo, it was a big smile. He was so gentle and loved having company, the next night he was asking for him to join him again!