Mr. Manners and More

On a day when Kade actually ate, he insisted on having his fork. Usually he just pokes around for fun in an effort to pass time in his high chair. But today, he decided to make a PB & J with a fork. I was so proud and actually he looks pretty proud of himself too. Since he was dressed all preppy in his polo shirt, I called him Mr. Manners for the rest of the day.

This was the saddest! He was so sick with a fever for days. He just laid like this for the evening, just as sweet as ever.

Dan and I thought it was humorous how many food selections we displayed in front of Kade, just begging him to eat any one of them! I don't know how this kid survives on how much he doesn't eat!

Every once in a while we go the the library for the little group they have. Kade's favorite part is after it is over when we play outside in the Children's garden.

California Adventure on a Whim

Aw, Grandpa! Kaden just adores him! Can't you see it in his little smirk? We were trying to capture a shot of both of their eyes, since they are the very same unique color.
This isn't the greatest family picture in the world, but it gets the job done. At least Kaden has the sweetest smile ever. This was the greatest day. We thought we were just going to meet up with the fam in Anheim, but it turns out we spent a few hours in California Adventure, which was a fun surprise. We miss them!
Kaden's first ride! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

I love this shot of the 3 generations of Ryska's. They all have the very same eye squints.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

January in San Diego had some summer like days, so we decided to head to the beach. Kaden was especially excited about the Birds, one of his favorite words to say. He yells, "Be, Be" whenever he sees one of his feathered friends. Ballons and all other animals also seem to be named the same thing at this point.

Doesn't the expression on his face just say, "This is just the neatest thing I have ever gotten my little hands on!" This photo is taken at the Starbucks near our house, it overlooks the airport's runway, so we sit, drink yummy coffee and watch the airplanes. It's fun for the whole family : )

Christmas in a nutshell

Best seat in the house! Poor, sweet Tess.

Kaden loved his "Elf" outfit. He got upset when we tried to move him down from the Ping Pong table, so he stayed up there a few rounds. He is just like his Dad, loves to be the center of attention!

Christmas morning! He LOVES this little, yellow dump truck that Grandma Ryska got him.