I LOVE this shot of all my boys. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. And enjoying the great outdoors!
Like father like son, kade loved to be like dad and sport his head lamp. He insisted on sleeping with it on at night.

This car got some serious miles on it during the trip. Doesn't he look hot in the pink?
Words can't express how dirty he was during the whole week. We'd just let him enjoy the day and cleaned up the aftermath afterward. Note: crocks and camping don't mix well.

Turning 2!

He's 2!

We were lucky enough to celebrate Kade's birthday with family in Fresno, friends in Yosemite and family back in San Diego. T'was a blast and Kade developed a love for Cake.Turns out he was totally stoked to be the center of attention and celebrate his birthday with all our fellow campers. Especially his love, Penelope. First thing in the morning he would ask about seeing Penny!
So making cupcake in the altitude was as challenging as everybody warned me it'd be. Good thing the kids are prejudice when it comes to looks, as they didn't seem to notice.

So excited about receiving Thomas the Tank Engine set from "Papa and Nana", he has barely put them down since.
My mom took Kade to Sea World for a special day together for this birthday. As the story goes, when she wasn't looking Kade got the cake as they were getting settled at the table. He had cake for lunch and I guess a lot of it, what a great day!